Fatebook for DiscordBETA

Share your predictions with your community

Why build a culture of forecasting?

  • Make better decisions
  • Communicate more clearly
  • Build your track record
  • Trust your most reliable forecasters

Frequently asked questions

When I ask a question using /forecast, who can make a prediction?

Questions added using the Discord bot are accessible to anyone with the link, so anyone in your server can see them.

Where can I use /forecast?

You can use /forecast in any Discord channel.

Does the app have access to my community's Discord messages?

The app only receives messages where you use the /forecast command.

I don't use Discord, can I still use Fatebook?

Fatebook.io lets you make rapid predictions on the web, or you can use Fatebook for Slack. Suggest a Fatebook integration for another platform.

How can I get better at forecasting?

Try our rapid-feedback training tools on Quantified Intuitions.

How can I stay up to date about Fatebook and Sage's other projects?
How can I submit feedback about Fatebook?

You can email us at hello@sage-future.org or message us on Discord.