Fatebook for Slack

Track your predictions, right where your team works

Why build a culture of forecasting?

  • Make better decisions
  • Communicate more clearly
  • Build your track record
  • Trust your most reliable forecasters

Fatebook offers a quick, clear view into predictions across the organization. It's not just informative, it's engaging too.

Niel Bowerman
Director of Special Projects at 80,000 Hours

We absolutely love this thing so far. It just came in handy today with "if we deploy XYZ as a beeta feature will we decide to deploy it universally?" Getting a quick sense of that probability is great for deciding whether to put in the work on the feature!

Daniel Reeves
Cofounder at Beeminder

Frequently asked questions

When I ask a question using /forecast, who can make a prediction?

Anyone in the channel where you asked the question can forecast.

Where can I use /forecast?

You can use /forecast in any channel.

Does the app have access to my team's Slack messages?

The app only receives messages where you use the /forecast command or mention @Fatebook.

Are my team's forecasts private?

Yes, only your team can see forecasts made in your Slack workspace. If you create a question in Slack, you can also see it on fatebook.io if you log in with the same email address - your question will be private by default, and you can optionally share it with people outside of your Slack.

How do I make personal predictions that aren't shared with other members of my team?

Use the /forecast command in a direct message with @Fatebook.

I don't use Slack, can I still use Fatebook?

Fatebook.io lets you make rapid predictions on the web, or you can use Fatebook for Discord. Suggest a Fatebook integration for another platform.

How can I get better at forecasting?

Try our rapid-feedback training tools on Quantified Intuitions.

How can I stay up to date about Fatebook and Sage's other projects?
How can I submit feedback about Fatebook?

You can email us at hello@sage-future.org or message us on Discord.